Can My Teen Get Into College?

Can my teen get into college? Can I teach what I don't know? How do I handle subjects that are beyond my training?

Don't be intimidated! This three-lesson mini-course will help you understand how to help your homeschooling high schoolers be prepared for life after graduation. Scroll down to "enroll me" to get started.

This no-cost course will get you started towards a successful homeschool high school

Whether your teen is interested in college, vocation or military, they can homeschool high school successfully AND successfully enter the next phase of life. This mini-course will help you have confidence that your teen CAN get into college, it's okay that you don't know everything they need to learn and how to connect with the resources they will need for the subjects you don't know.

Don't be intimidated by fear of homeschooling!
Your teen can get into college (or vocation, or military)

Homeschooling high school won't prevent your teen from achieving their goals. In Lesson One, you'll learn tips to help prepare you to prepare them for success.

You don't have to know every subject
You don't have to know every subject

How do you teach what you don't know? We give you tips from homeschool veterans on how to make sure your teen learns what they need to know for graduation and life preparation.

How to find the resources you need
How to find the resources you need 

How do you locate the educational resources: texts, courses, support systems that you and your homeschooling high schoolers need? It's out there! We give you tips on how to connect with what is needed.


  Homeschooling High School: You can do it! You really can!
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You CAN homeschool high school!

We Sisters at 7SistersHomeschool have been helping homeschool families love homeschooling for decades. We aren't so special, we have learned to learn together. Let us share our curriculum and courses with you and your teens. You will love your homeschool successes!

You CAN homeschool high school