Why take a Psychology course in homeschool high school?

Why take a Psychology course in homeschool high school?

Psychology adds sparkle to the homeschool transcript. It is a Social Science credit that many colleges are looking for when they are choosing new college students.

Psychology is also a useful, life-preparation course that is helpful to even non-college-bound teens.

Our no-busywork, engaging course includes chapters on:

  • The Brain and How it Works
  • Perception
  • Genetics
  • Learning
  • History of Psychology, Ancient to Pre-Modern Times
  • Psychology into Modern Times
  • Communication
  • Needs and Motivation
  • Looking at Personality & Theory
  • Sleep & Dreams
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychological Testing
  • Christian Counseling
  • Understanding Research and Statistics
  • Careers in Psychology

7SistersHomeschool's popular Psychology course is finally available online!

This self-paced course sticks to our no-busywork, adaptable teaching style. The course works alongside 7Sisters Psychology textbook (so you will need to purchase that at 7Sisters).

These are video lessons keyed to the text in an enjoyable, rather than stuffy style. That's because it written at a level that allows most teens can relax and retain.

Also included for each chapter is a checklist and enrichment exercises.

Just like all 7Sisters courses, there are activities that teens can choose to do further exploring on a topic of interest. This allows college-bound homeschoolers to "level up" to Honors in a meaningful way, if they wish.

Teens come away from our Psychology course with better awareness of themselves AND a better homeschool transcript!

And most of all, they Like Psych!

Psychology as Social Science
Psychology as Social Science

Many colleges these days are looking for .5 credit of Social Science on the homeschool transcript. Psychology is an excellent choice for that Social Science half credit.

Social Sciences are: The science of social interactions, relationships, and societies.

That means that Social Sciences are part science, part social studies/history. It is the intersection of the two educational disciplines. (In our opinion, that's what makes Social Sciences- and Psychology- so much fun. It's a blend!)

Psychology as Elective
Psychology as Elective

Psychology is a delightful elective. Teens learn to Like Psych as they learn about:


Our perception of things is affected by what we expect to see- so teens learn about optical illusions.


Teens learn about the power of non-verbals and understanding in effective ways to speak and listen.


Who are you and what are you like? What do you like?

And SO much more...

Psychology as Life Skills
Psychology as Life Skills

Teens learn some important life skills in their Psychology course. These important skills include:


Why sleep is necessary for health and learning, along with ways to improve it.

Critical thinking:

Teens learn how to understand what they read in "research" or see in advertisements.

Crisis Intervention:

Teens learn basic skills on how to help a friend who is experiencing a personal crisis.