Don't be intimidated by homeschooling high school!

Homeschooling high school: You can do it!

There's no such thing as a perfect homeschool mom (because there's no such thing as a perfect human). However, you can be an AWESOME homeschool mom! These 16 lessons will help you will learn the how-tos for successfully homeschooling your teens.

Are you intimidated by homeschooling high school?

So were we, before we discovered that homeschool high school years are the best years yet!

These lessons guide you to a healthy and happy start to homeschooling high school. You can do this!

The course covers:

  • How to plan high school
  • Subjects that must be covered
  • What is a credit and how to earn one?
  • What is that pesky Language Arts credit and how to cover it?
  • What are academic levels?
  • What are some general expectations for the things that need to be completed each year?

Credits, Levels and What to Expect
Credits, Levels and What to Expect

High school years are the years that count for your teens future. We'll show you how to help your teens earn the credits they need for a powerful transcript and education that prepare them for the next part of life.

Three sure-fire ways to prepare for successful homeschool high school
Setting goals, choosing curriculum, creating transcripts and more!

We will show you how to set goals, choose courses and curriculum, create transcripts, assign grades, and know what records to keep.

When you have these preparations made, you'll create a fun and successful homeschool high school.

Three key resources for success in your homeschool high school
Learn from homeschool moms who have guided hundreds of homeschool high schoolers

We at 7Sisters are your Big Sisters who can help you have the best years yet as you homeschool high school. When you find the right people and resources, you and your teens will love homeschooling high school.

Start Homeschool High School: You CAN Do IT!